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Im Individual Designer and this is my Work:

Novel Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Technology / Featured Development GEARTURBINE PROJECT Have the similar basic system of the Aeolipile Heron Steam Turbine device from Alexandria 10-70 AD * Atypical New GEARTURBINE / Retrodynamic = DextroRPM VS LevoInFlow + Ying Yang Thrust Way Type – Non Waste Looses *8X/Y Thermodynamic CYCLE Way Steps. Higher efficient percent. Pat 197187 IMPI MX

tags, Aero, aerodynamics, aeolipile, alternative, applied, atypical, bang, blow, change, combustion, compression, compressor, concept, cycle, design, development, device, dynamic, ecological, efficient, electrolysis, emerging, energy, engine, engineering, flow, gearturbine, generator, idea, in, industry, inflow, information, innovation, invention, investigation, mechanical, momentum, motor, new, next, on, paradigm, power, project, propulsion, reaction, research, retrodynamic, rotary, rotor, scientific, shock, squeeze, suck, system, task, tech, technical, technology, thermodynamic, thrust, tip, top, torque, total, transport, trends, turbine, turbo, turbomachinery, type, unconventional, unlike, unpresedent, vtol, wave, weird,

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